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Switzerland - Geneva Phone Cards to Call Switzerland - Geneva from USA

Phone Cards to Call USA from Switzerland - Geneva

If you are looking for where to buy Switzerland - Geneva phone cards online then you have come to the right place. offers residential and business customers the best value in international calls to Switzerland - Geneva from landlines and from mobiles, with the most competitive terms. more »

Best Phone Cards

For Long Calls

(more than 2 minutes)

For Short Calls

(1-2 minutes)

1.5 ¢/min

Best phone card for long calls to Switzerland - Geneva
Details »   
1.8 ¢/мин

Best for short calls Switzerland - Geneva calling card
Details »   

No Connection Fee Phone Cards

1.5 ¢/min
Mariachi Card
$10.00 11hr 6min
Rounding - 3 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - 89 ¢/week
Local Access - Yes (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Mariachi Details »   

$20.00 22hr 13min
$50.00 55hr 33min
$100.00 111hr 6min

1.7 ¢/min
Master Cent Card
$10.00 9hr 21min
Rounding - 3 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - 89 ¢/week
Local Access - Yes (USA)

Master Cent Details »   

$20.00 18hr 43min
$50.00 46hr 48min
$100.00 93hr 37min

1.8 ¢/min
Golden Lotus Card
$10.00 8hr 57min
Rounding - 3 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - 99 ¢/week
Local Access - Yes

Golden Lotus Details »   

$20.00 17hr 55min
$50.00 44hr 48min
$100.00 89hr 36min

1.8 ¢/min
Bizon Card
$10.00 8hr 51min
Rounding - 1 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - No
Local Access - Yes (USA, Canada)

Bizon Details »   

$20.00 17hr 43min
$50.00 44hr 19min
$100.00 88hr 39min

Listed minutes are based on one call using a local access number in USA (if available). Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes.

Phone Cards with Connection Fee

1.1 ¢/min
CheapStreet Card
Best for calls longer than
56 minutes
$10.00 14hr 7min
Connection Fee - 20 ¢ (for calls over 1 min)
Rounding - 3 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - 85 ¢/week
Local Access - Yes

CheapStreet Details »   

$20.00 28hr 14min
$50.00 70hr 37min
$100.00 141hr 14min

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PC to Phone card Switzerland - Geneva from USA- 2.7 ¢/min;

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