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Tokelau Phone Cards to Call Toklau Cell from USA

If you are looking for where to buy Toklau Cell phone cards online then you have come to the right place. offers residential and business customers the best value in international calls to Tokelau from landlines and from mobiles, with the most competitive terms. more »

Best Phone Cards

For Long Calls

(more than 2 minutes)

For Short Calls

(1-2 minutes)

160.0 ¢/min

Best phone card for long calls to Tokelau
Details »   
160.0 ¢/мин

Best for short calls Toklau Cell calling card
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No Connection Fee Phone Cards

160.0 ¢/min
Jupiter Card
$10.00 0hr 6min
Rounding - 1 min
PIN Free Access - Yes
Maintenance Fee - No
Local Access - Yes

Jupiter Details »   

$20.00 0hr 12min
$50.00 0hr 31min
$100.00 1hr 2min

Listed minutes are based on one call using a local access number in USA (if available). Application of surcharges and fees has the effect of reducing total minutes.

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