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  • I like Saturn phone card because I can recharge it online in seconds, it offers the best rates for calling overseas. There are no hidden charges, the sound quality is great, and I don't have to enter my pin number when calling from my home phone or cell phone. I can use AT&T prepaid phone cards to call from almost any country when travel. My boyfriend can use WorldCallBack card to call me from overseas and sometimes I use it to call him, so we only need one card and don't have to keep remembering new pins or access numbers.

    Marie Tomecek, SCOTTSDALE, AZ.

  • I visited at least 7 different web sites for calling cards with cheap rates to Israel. I saw rates as low as 1 cent per minute, but their connection fees, rounding, and "maintenance" fees would have taken half of my minutes anyway. It seems your business really does offer the most hassle-free, no fee service that I've seen on the web. Thanks.

    Blanch Maher, BELLA VISTA, AR.


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